Sin Silver Livestream

Murray's Pub Concord Ca

Please tune into my livestream every Friday from Facebook. It is 1pm PST (9pm Irish Time). Every week there is a different theme. Last week was all request, This week is the 70s. We broadcast from "Murray's pub" in Concord Ca with special guest bartender Murray and a little sidekick named Saoirse (Irish from Freedom). Please help spread the word!

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You can follow me on Facebook to access the stream. Go the FB Link above and click 'Follow'. If someone doesn’t have FB they can go to and search Sin Silver

Sharing on your timeline really helps! Avoid watch parties as they create a separate experience and we want to interact with you!

  Although this is a difficult pill to swallow on a personal level due to loss of income, we have to make sacrifices to save lives. That is what is most important. And, the fact that we are all in this together. On a spiritual level, the earth is getting a much needed rest and I feel our eyes are opening to what truly matters in life. 

Love you all. 

Stay safe, 

Sin Silver